Ecology Note: Promoting Action-based Environmental Education

Linxiao Song
Linxiao Song • 20 April 2023
Children are collecting, cleaning trash at school.

A simple and replicable environmental education material entitled Ecology Note enhanced the young generation’s self-motivated active learning on waste management in several Asian countries. Each of the Ecology Note series was customized to fit the local context in each partner country or city, which would ensure that students are given the opportunity to recognize and consider the actual local waste issues and take actions. In addition, the contents of the booklet focus on creating incentives for students to change their behaviour through more experiential activities such as carrying out surveys, holding discussions, engaging in handicrafts for upcycling, and making compost. At the same time, in order to carry out these activities and ensure they are effective, educators’ capability was reinforced through teacher training sessions conducted in the partner cities and countries. The Ecology Note and its implementation program began at a few model schools in Myanmar’s city, subsequently, it has been replicated and scaled up in Cambodia, Bhutan, and Vietnam.

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