Itinerant Teachers

Laiselys Barreto Paez
Laiselys Barreto Paez • 23 April 2023
A child covering her eyes with her hands. Another child covering his ears with his hands. A last child covering her mouth with her hands.

Children with more complex needs who may otherwise drop out or never enroll in school are supported to stay in regular classrooms, through the support of an itinerant teacher. Depending on a child’s needs, itinerant teacher support includes additional explanation of lesson content, sign language or braille assistance, help with homework ( working alongside families), and transcribing student responses to exercises and exams. Itinerant teachers also support the lead classroom teacher, coaching the teacher on inclusion strategies, collaborating to plan inclusive lessons, and providing instructional support, though the mainstream school teacher remains the primary facilitator of inclusive instruction for targeted children. 

Thematic Focus Area 3: Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession Good practice - Summit 2022 Togo Burkina Faso Africa

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