Future Teacher Kit

Laiselys Barreto Paez
Laiselys Barreto Paez • 23 April 2023
A teacher being hugged and kissed by her students while sitting on her desk.

The Future Teacher Kit taps the potential of low-tech that is already scaled and appropriated by teachers: Mobile phones, messenger systems, SMS and IVR. It provides teachers with high-quality and rewarding training experience and supports the genesis of sustainable communities of practice. The FTK is per se immediately scalable in LDC and provides education systems with alow-tech, low-cost but high-impact solution for two major challenges: The qualification of massive numbers of teachers and the lack of teacher motivation.

Thematic Focus Area 3: Teachers, teaching and the teaching profession Good practice - Summit 2022 Caribbean Netherlands Botswana Kenya Lesotho Africa Latin America and the Caribbean

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