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Thematic Action Tracks

Thematic Action Tracks are key levers to transform education by focusing on five areas that need attention. The Action Tracks seek to mobilize new commitments, by highlighting policy interventions that work, and leveraging existing initiatives and partnerships, including those that emerged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thematic Action Track 4: Digital learning and transformation

The COVID-19 crisis drove unprecedented innovations in remote learning through harnessing digital technologies. At the same time, digital divides excluded many from learning. More than two-thirds of school-age learners (1.3 billion children) did not have internet access at home. These inequities in access meant some groups, such as young women and girls, were left out of learning opportunities.

Digital transformation requires harnessing technology as part of larger systemic efforts. Making technology more inclusive, equitable, effective, relevant, and sustainable.

Key issues

  • Digital transformation of education systems
  • Connectivity/narrowing digital divide; inclusive/assistive technologies
  • Free, open and high-quality digital education content
  • Digital citizenship, well-being, privacy and security

Discussion paper & forum

The discussion paper, prepared by the co-leads of the Thematic Action Track with the support of UN support teams and in consultation with countries and partners, provide latest insights on digital learning and transformationJoin the discussion forum to continue the conversation and share your views..

Thematic Action Track co-leads 

  • Greece 
  • Singapore
  • Ed Tech Hub

UN support team

  • UNESCO (anchor), UNICEF (alternate), ITU, World Bank, UNHCR

Update and the way forward by co-lead at the Pre-Summit, UNESCO 28-30 June 2022

Watch Siew Hoong Wong, Advisor to Ministry of Education, Singapore.

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