SPEED SCHOOLS: A 9-month Accelerated Education Program for Out of School Children in the Sahel region

To ensure Out-of-School-Children (OOSC) rights to education are fulfilled, a second chance was given to these children through the Primary School Access through Speed Schools (PASS+) project. This will be an opportunity to resume their Education using a 9-month Accelerated Education program which is a condensed program of the first 3 years of primary education. The Primary School Access through Speed Schools (PASS+) project aimed to increase access to inclusive and gender-responsive formal and non-formal primary education for OOSC ages 6-14 in 15 regions of Burkina Faso (5), Mali (6),and Niger (4).

Thematic Focus Area 1: Inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools Good practice - Summit 2022 Mali Niger Burkina Faso Africa