TES Follow-up Strategy

panel of young people

Follow-up Pillar 1. From commitments to actions at the country level

In fulfilling their national commitments to transform education, Member States must pursue SDG 4 with a transformative, whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach. The UN system and partners will collaborate and support Member States, building on existing systems and coordination mechanisms. 
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Follow-up Pillar 2: Ensuring that education transformation is a key component of the Pact for the Future

The TES follow-up actions underpin the collective efforts for realizing education that is needed in the 21st century. Together with the Secretary-General's Vision Statement, they constitute an important input to the Summit of the Future in September 2024, which in turn could greatly enhance national and global efforts to transform education. The High-level Steering Committee, GCM platforms and other partners will ensure education is adequately considered in the Vision Statement in preparations for the Pact for the Future, the primary formal intergovernmental outcome from the Summit of the Future.

Follow-up Pillar 3. Global movement for transforming education

The momentum created for the Summit must be nurtured and sustained by young people, teachers and other partners and stakeholders beyond the education community, so that education is elevated to, and remains on top of the political agenda of governments. Key actors and stakeholders will continue to be engaged in various fora and platforms and remain publicly and politically active around education in the lead up to major global milestones including the High-Level Political Forum, the 2023 SDG Summit, the 2023 Global Education Meeting, the 2024 Summit of the Future and beyond.

Follow-up Pillar 4. Transformation of education financing 

The Summit highlighted the need for a fundamental shift in how education is seen and treated by Governments and Finance Ministries and Governments. The UN and the HLSC will reach out and bring together the Global Champions, key global institutions, civil society partners and teachers to advocate for, undertake strategic actions and monitor the recommendations contained in the Call to Action on education financing

Follow-up Pillar 5. Global TES initiatives

Five global multi-stakeholder initiatives were launched at the Summit in response to the respective Calls to Action to mobilize cross-country cooperation and bring transformation to scale. Conveners of each Initiative are responsible for developing roadmaps and monitoring frameworks, ensuring their effective implementation at the country level, reporting on progress to the HLSC, and for advocacy and resource mobilization to scale them up.