The SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee (HLSC), responsible for coordinating global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4 and leading the TES follow-up, presents this guidance note for Member States to translate national commitments made at the Transforming Education Summit into action and to transform their education systems. 
Leading up to the Summit, 163 Member States convened national consultations, bringing together government leaders, teachers, students, civil society, academia, and other stakeholders and partners. As of November 2022, 133 Member States submitted national statements of commitment and 65 Heads of State and Government delivered their statements during the Summit. 
The UN Secretary-General in his Vision Statement entrusted the SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee with leading and ensuring the effective follow-up of the Summit. The note provides Member States and partners with guiding principles (Section 3) and suggests four inter-connected paths for action (Section 4). On each of these paths, the guidance note offers strategic advice and suggestions on what governments and partners may wish to do. The note also offers some of the global and regional support mechanisms that are available to Member States (Section 5). 

For more information, contact the HLSC’s Inter-Agency Secretariat: