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During the @UN #TransformingEducation Summit, Young people delivered a declaration to help shape the future of education. The SDG4 High-Level Steering Committee needs their voice. Visit to find out more: https://transformingeducationsummit.sdg4education2030.org/FollowUp #LeadingSDG4

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❗Youth are the main agents of change in #TransformingEducation❗ 

The SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee recommends we include them in finding solutions to the learning crisis. #LeadingSDG4

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Through a comprehensive and exhaustive consultation process, the youth are making their voices heard on #TransformingEducaion📣 

World leaders must take their views into account. #LeadingSDG4

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Young people will inherit the result of our action or inaction. The SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee recommends we include them in finding solutions to the learning crisis. #LeadingSDG4 is #LeadingSDG4 for their sake.

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“Education is the smartest, most powerful investment in our future.” – Jutta Urpilaine, European Commissioner for International Partnerships


#LeadingSDG4 depends on hearing the voices of the youth and taking action to heed their demands. Together we can transform education

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“We are amid a global learning crisis, which disproportionately affects young people, particularly those from vulnerable and marginalized communities, including young women and girls, LGBTQ youth, indigenous youth, young refugees, and so many more.” 

- Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth


With ambitious vision, commitment and investment at the Transforming Education Summit, solutions can be rapidly developed, adapted and deployed at scale and reach all learners, especially the most marginalized. #LeadingSDG4

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The #TransformingEducation Youth Declaration 📣process, fostered active participation of Ministers and Member State delegations in meaningful dialogues with Youth.

Without them, we cannot transform education.

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The content of the ‘Youth Declaration’ as young people’s views, recommendations and commitments on #TransformingEducation must be taken into account in all education-related policies and decisions, working towards transformational change in the education system as a whole. The SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee underlines the importance of working together in #LeadingSDG4


Young people’s views on #TransformingEducation must be taken into account. The SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee  underlines the importance of working together in #LeadingSDG4

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In their Youth Declaration, they demand that decision-makers engage with youth, in all of their diversity, #TransformingEducation in a meaningful way. #LeadingSDG4

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Only by working together 🌍, and keeping role-players accountable can we hope to find solutions to the learning crisis and transform education. 

Let us know your ideas 👇 #LeadingSDG4

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The public and private sectors can work together to boost entrepreneurial power and unlock the potential of  young people. #LeadingSDG4

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🚨 How can we ensure that the outcomes of the ‘Youth Declaration’ will be taken into consideration, through:
1️⃣ An Action Plan (led by SDG4Youth)
2️⃣ The SDG 4 High-Level Steering Committee #leadingSDG4 (The body that takes commitments of the #TransformingEducation Summit forward)

LEARN MORE: https://transformingeducationsummit.sdg4education2030.org/TESFollowUp

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