Albania National Consultation

TES team
TES team

Albania is pleased to share the following:

What has already happened:  
-    On May 10th, 2022, a Strategic Partner’s Coordination Meeting was organized by the MoES of Albania and UNICEF where the key messages and process of TES was promoted by the UN RC and UNICEF Representative; 
-    From 17th – 22nd May 2022, was launched a poll dedicated to the five action tracks of TES in Albania where 305 responders from all over Albania had the opportunity to prioritize among them on the action tracks;  
-    On May 31st, 2022, was organized a national consultation with youth who analyzed the challenges and priorities that they see in the five action tracks; 
-    Awareness meeting in one region in south-west of Albania  (Vlora) with the presence of the UNICEF Representative and a Member of Parliament of Albania and youth in secondary education to discuss priorities in education and increase in financing of education; 
-    On June 20th, was organized the National Level Multi-Sectorial consultation workshop with 45 representatives from government institutions (education, youth, health and social protection, finance and economy, civil society organizations, academia etc). 
What is still expected to happen: 
-    A youth led video produced with key advocacy messages for power holders and raising awareness in schools and communities on the five action tracks which will be streamed on UNICEF’s social media on June 28th, 2022;
-    A meeting between 10 youth representatives and the Council of Education at the Parliament will be organized with the MoES where youth will deliver their key advocacy messages for actions to be prioritized and budget increase for education in June 2022;
-    A high level national delegation composed of the Minister of Education and Sports (MoES) of Albania, Ms. Evis Kushi; the General Director for the Development of Education and Sports at the MoES, Ms. Zamira Gjini, Head of the Cabinet and one Advisor to the Minister will be attending the Pre- Summit in Paris. 
Deliverables up to date: 
-    A first round consultations’ report from the youth dedicated National Consultations  was submitted by the Ministry of Education and Sports of Albania to the TES Secretariat
-    The second report documenting the input from the National Level Multi-Sectorial consultation workshop conducted on June 20th, 2022 is in preparation phase and will be delivered to the TES Secretariat
-    The final report with the statement of commitment will be submitted before August 15th, 2022.